Bike Spinning

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Bike Spinning

Spinning is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways of burning calories and increasing your cardiovascular health – because it’s fun. Regular spinners have more energy, they feel more awake, they lose weight, they feel fitter, better, stronger – what more could you want, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s dark or light, whether it’s raining, snowing or hurricane winds are blowing because you can spin inside in comfort. You don’t even need any special equipment to join a bike spinning class, just some comfortable clothes, a bottle of water and a sense of adventure and away you go.

Bike spinning really does take the concept of the exercise bike one step further. Oh yes, many of us have one (mine’s outside on the terrace, I like to keep it handy just in case I do get the urge, and it’s also useful for hanging your sweater on when you get a bit hot sweeping). Exercise bikes are great exercise, the only problem is, it can get a bit boring on your own at home can’t it, putting in all that effort and getting nowhere, there aren’t even any hills to freewheel down are there.

Bike spinning has all the goodness of riding an exercise bike but as I’ve already said, it takes it that one step further, it’s great fun. It’s like going on a bike ride with lots of mates, but it doesn’t matter if you get a little out of puff going uphill because they won’t have to stop and wait for you, you’ll be right alongside them no matter how fast you pedal. Now if you think spinning is going to cause you to drop dead, you’d better have funeral insurance.

Bike Spinning

Bike spinning classes are springing up all over the place and are suitable for just about anybody to join, you go at your own pace and can gradually build up the amount of work you do.  This cardiovascular cycling is done on a stationery bike, and the tension can be increased or decreased, the mileage and time kept by a small computer, and you’ll even be able to keep a track of your heart rate and how many calories you’ve burned off in each session.

The bikes used for spinning do differ from the old style exercise bikes, and the classes are designed to give both your body and your mind a great work out. You don’t just sit there pedalling as fast as you can and then fall off with wobbly legs after five minutes, (your legs do feel a bit funny when you get off don’t they, like when you’ve been bouncing on a trampoline). The spinning exercise program, instead, has a variety of different speeds and movements, sometimes you’ll be told to stand on your pedals, sometimes you’ll be seated, sometimes you’ll be pedalling as fast as you possibly can and sometimes you’ll be slowly trying to recover. Your instructor will play great, inspirational music and you’ll be shown how to vary the speeds and positions of cycling to ensure that all parts of your mind and body get a great workout – your back, your stomach and even your feet.

“An amazing workout” for all kinds of people!


Once you’ve decided that bike spinning is the best way forward towards a new fitter, slimmer you, then you might like to invest in a pair of cycling shorts to show off your new figures, they make cycling easier too, and a gel pad might be a good idea until your bum gets used to sitting on that little saddle. Does my bum look big in this? Well, it does at the moment but it won’t after you’ve been spinning for a while.

Now that’s not something you see every day is it? They seem to be enjoying it though.

If you are not ready to do bike spinning, you might try walking or hiking first to get in shape. You can go to one of the many National Forests or National Parks around the US. A slow easy walk, is a great way to get in shape for spinnig.


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